Design for a reason

Struggling with myself and everything around.

Without a fixed plan for my life, I try to squeeze every experience and opportunity that I encounter. Always wandering around the living space where we inhabit planning and projecting ideas about how to improve things or how do they work [yeah, maybe sometimes I complain a little too much]. I like to find a meaning in the things I do and others do, and try to create a better environment for everyone. I think about universality and accessibility not just about a way to include back in the world people with disabilities or with certain age, but as a way to enhance the experience for everyone. My purpose, ideally would be participating in projects that let me create with others in a way that we really innovate from respect, and with a real purpose to improve being's life quality.

  • 18
    Chinese recipes
  • 57
    Nights camping
    under the stars
  • 87
    Perfect pictures taken
    that I will
    never share
  • 99
    (or more)
    Designs made
    as favours
    for family & friends

My motivations

What guides me through design


Taking a step back and a step closer help to realize the comprehensive space where the design will live in.


The user experience should be intended with the best practices to ensure that no one is left apart.


From the conception to the making, design is about the details that make a plan work functionally and emotionally.


An enjoyable interaction improves the usability and the experience of any user. Life is short, better not stop playing.